A 5-week course that teaches you the basics of digital photography
I've taught from ages 8-66; this course is good for anyone who has never taken a photography class.
You can finally learn what all those buttons on your camera do, plus learn how to properly expose and compose photos!
Lessons Include:
* History of Photography
* The Photographer's Toolkit
* Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture)
* Camera Settings
* Composition
* Lighting
* Posing People
*Careers In Photography

Course materials included

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Private Instruction
Private classes to fit your schedule are available from January - August. Classes follow the 5-week course to allow time for completion of home assignments.
We also offer a one-day intensive class w/ lunch included for people who must travel a considerable distance to us. 
Please contact Tanya for more information and pricing.
What People Are Saying:

"Excellent overall, got what I needed out of the course"

"Great class, comfortable setting, everyone was included in the discussions"

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