It's that   smile from her.

It's that look he gives.

It's that moment  your kids hold hands  after they'd been arguing all morning.

It's  her  first step.

Or  his last day with you before deployment.
It's all of your hard work to make sure the party's perfect.

It's the biggest day of your life when you   both say "I do".

It's wanting your yearbook photo to tell everyone who you were then.

It's that family portrait because it has been too long....

All of these moments are why I do what I do.


I want to be the person you choose for your story's  special moments. 

Clients say I'm patient and kind, which always warms my heart. Things that I love are time with family and friends, being a businesswoman and professional portrait photographer, teaching photography, and giving back. My portrait style is simple and classic; I was trained on film and learned to get it right in camera. I do very little post-processing because I like to keep it real. My wedding photography style is classic with just the right amount of modern. I don't specialize in any one genre, I specialize in people ♥

"It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see."
              - Henry David Thoreau

My Involvements:  
  * President, New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association
     2019/2020   2020/2021   

  * Member, Professional Photographer of America 

  * Member, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce

  * Vice President, Greater Rochester Camera Club
  * Advisory Committee for the Spaulding High School Photography program

  * School to Work Partner for Spaulding High School through the NH     
     Department of Labor
  * Committee member for the annual Rochester Thank a Police Officer Day

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